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Garage Floor Epoxy Inspiration & Ideas [With Pictures]


If you’re looking for garage epoxy ideas and garage floor paint inspiration, you’re in the right place.

Our business is epoxy floor coatings in Pittsburgh – polyaspartic floor coating installation, to be more precise, which we’ll get to shortly – and we have the before and after epoxy coating photos to help you understand the ins and outs of coating your concrete floor…plus maybe provide some inspiration along the way.

We list some details for each epoxy garage floor project, list the garage floor epoxy colors we used, plus outline the price for each epoxy floor coating! It’s all in the name of helping inform your decision. and decide on the right flooring for your home or business.

Important Note on The Best Epoxy Flooring or Epoxy Paint

While our customers tend to use the term “epoxy” for what we do, professionally installed epoxy flooring is most often a polyaspartic coating. Polyaspartic is a superior alternative to epoxy for most situations for a variety of reasons. For simplicity, we often use the term epoxy interchangeably when writing about our concrete floor coating solutions.

Let’s jump into some epoxy floor ideas and stories.

Project 1: Three-Car Garage


This was an 805-square foot three-car garage.


This epoxy floor floor coating went down over older existing concrete floors and required some repair work to take care of cracks and pitting before we began coating the entire floor.

Cracks were filled with a durable concrete-filler, and we also filled in the old saw-cut or expansion joints.

You’ll also see in the photos that we applied epoxy floor coating to three steps leading into the garage from the house, which requires some extra preparation work as well. We also replaced a rusty steel drain with a modern and durable PVC drain.

We applied our standard polyurea paint coat, added flakes, and then finished with a polyaspartic top coat. This is our hazelnut color and flakes.


This project took two full days due to the repair work and steps. The homeowners were able to walk on the epoxy floor the morning after we left and park on it as well after another 24 hours (48 hours for full curing from the time we completed the project).


$6,260 due to more extensive repair and replacement work.

Project 2: Two-Car Garage


A 30×30 (900 square feet) two-car garage.


This garage floor was in a totally new home built about one year before we installed the epoxy garage floor. The clients had no basement, so the garage is their primary activity and entertaining room, and the garage flooring more important to the homeowners than others. Epoxy flooring was a perfect solution and well suited for the heavy traffic compared to other options for new flooring.

Because it was so new, we didn’t have any repair work. We filled in the saw-cut joints, and because the drain was poorly done and not squared to begin with, we actually applied epoxy right over top of the existing drain. This was at the homeowners request, and importantly we did preserve the drainage holes for durability and functionality.

This epoxy garage floor received a polyurea base coat, domino flakes, and a polyaspartic top coat.


This surface was complete in one day, which is typical for most epoxy floors.


$5,000. This price reflected less repair work and newer concrete compared to the first project above and many of the older homes in which we work.

Other Projects We’ve Worked On

The types of garage floors we work on vary dramatically, from residential garage coatings to commercial and industrial installations of all kinds. The common thread is that the owners want seamless and easy to clean garages, fast installation, and a durable, versatile space.

New Epoxy for a 2-Car Residential Garage in Chess Wood

New Epoxy for 4-Car Residential Garage in Flint Stone

New Epoxy for 2-Car Residential Garage in Slate Gray

Common Questions on Garage Floor Coatings

When we get calls from customers looking for garage floor ideas, we often ask if they plan to stick with their current concrete plus a high-quality coating like we install. If you’re considering other materials, like tiles, marble, vinyl, or even real wood (in the case of someone converting a garage to other uses), we’re probably not the right fit.

How long will a polyaspartic coating last?

A professional installed epoxy garage floor (in our case, polyaspartic) will last for 8 to 12 years depending on use. They’re designed to be durable against heavy traffic, impacts, and chemical spills. A polyaspartic coating also own’t yellow from UV exposure. [Read why polyaspartic is better than epoxy.]

What’s the cost for a garage floor epoxy coating?

Prices vary (and you can see two good examples above), but professional floor coatings usually cost from $5 to $8 per square foot.

How long does it take to install an epoxy garage floor?

Most of our epoxy projects take one to two days. Smaller spaces and fewer repair requirements will take less time. You will be able to walk on the floor 24 hours after it’s finished, and you’ll be able to park your car on top after 48 hours.

Can I do two colors, different colors, or do you do metallic epoxy?

We can do several colors for a fun pop of color, but it does add complexity and cost to the project. We find that most customers simply want a classy style with a clean appearance, and our epoxy color options usually achieve the look they’re after.

What are the types of coatings available for garage floors, and what are their pros and cons?

This is a meaty question for us because most people assume they want an epoxy floor. Not so!

Epoxy floor coatings were the go-to for years because they’re so hard.

Today, polayaspartic coatings shine for a few reasons:

  1. Epoxy won’t yellow from exposure to UV
  2. Polyaspartic is flexible enough to handle the small shifts and expansions in concrete due to changing weather. They aren’t SO HARD that they crack, like epoxy.
  3. Polyaspartic won’t “delaminate” from hot car tires sitting in the same spot day after day.

That’s the bulk of it: polyaspartic is a superior and eye catching alternative to epoxy, now the standard among professional installers.

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