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Showrooms, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, gyms, warehouses, retail areas, kitchens, hallways, lounge areas, restrooms and more.


Garages, shops, basements, restrooms, hallways, kitchens, lounge areas, storage rooms, kennels, porches, patios, sidewalks.


Concrete repair and coating with Duralast coatings.

This product is a polyurea basecoat applied on a properly prepared floor followed by full broadcast chips. We carefully prepare the floor before beginning the coating process. This step is very important. All floors are grinded (new and old) with diamond grinders. These grinders are hooked up to vacuums to minimize the dust. Grinding removes any salt, oil, grease, and dirt that is on the floor and opens the pores to ensure proper bonding of the coating to the concrete. Cracks and pitted areas are repaired with fast curing crack filler. After all grinding and repairs are completed, the floor is cleaned to remove dust before the coating begins.

The full broadcast chips creates a little texture in the floor and eliminates the cheap look of sparsely sprinkled chips. We have many chip colors available to suit your tastes.

After the basecoat is dry, the floor is scraped with steel blades, then vacuumed to be sure there are no loose chips on the floor. The final step is to apply the polyaspartic top coat. Polyaspartic top coat is much stronger than epoxy, and will not chip or peel. The average job is installed in 1-2 days, allowing you to be back on your floor as soon as possible! 

This product is UV stable and can be used outdoor on patios, sidewalks, porches, etc. It is also antibacterial, ideal for restrooms, laundry rooms, kennels, retail areas, etc. It is salt and oil resistant, great for garages, shops, warehouses, storage areas, showrooms, and much more!

Create an attractive, clean, and refreshing floor that will impress your customers!


Coating a concrete floor with Polyaspartic coatings.

This coating consists of a poly-urea base coat, full broadcast color chips, and at least one clear polyaspartic top coat. All floors (both new and old) are properly prepared by grinding with diamond grinders. Grinding removes glue, dirt, salt, and oil. It also opens the pores to ensure proper bonding of the coating to the floor. The grinders are hooked up to vacuums to minimize dust. Next all cracks and pitted areas are cleaned and repaired with fast-curing crack filler. The floor is vacuumed to remove all dust prior to coating.

Next the base coat is applied, followed by the full broadcast chips. Full broadcast gives your floor a little texture and ensures an even coat of chips. This eliminates the cheap look of sparsely sprinkled color chips. Once the basecoat is dry, we scrape the loose chips off with steel scrapers. Next the floor is vacuumed again and the top coat is applied.

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