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Basement & Garage Floor Coatings in Clymer, PA

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Top Coat Concrete is your source for incredible finishes, durable floors, and showroom-quality concrete coatings in the Clymer, PA area.

Located right in your backyard, we’re thrilled to be one of Clymer’s top floor coat providers, helping homeowners and business owners get long-lasting and incredible-looking floors that will resist damage and cracking for years to come.

We’re a residential and commercial concrete top-coat provider committed to great customer service and attention to detail. Let us help you with your next project.

Clymer Concrete Sealing Services

There are many benefits to getting a concrete coating for your home or business’ floors. A concrete coating can protect your concrete from weathering, staining, and wear and tear. It can also make your concrete look more attractive, and a quality coating can even increase your property value! If you’re thinking about getting a concrete coating, here are some things to know about a professionally installed floor coating for concrete:

  1. A concrete coating can make your floors last longer. A quality coating will protect your concrete from the elements and wear and tear, meaning your floors will last longer and cost you less in the long-run.
  2. A well-installed and well-maintained floor coating can make your property more attractive and desirable, meaning it will be worth more to future buyers.
  3. A concrete coating can make your floors easier to clean. This smooth, non-porous surface is much easier to clean than rough and porous raw concrete, meaning that you’ll spend less time and effort keeping your place looking fresh.
  4. A concrete coating can improve the look of your floors. A quality coating can make your floors look shiny and new, brightening up your home or business and making it more inviting to guests and customers.
  5. A concrete coating can make your floors safer. A non-slip surface can improve workplace or home safety, especially in areas of your home (like garages) where you need it most.

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Showrooms, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, gyms, warehouses, retail areas, kitchens, hallways, lounge areas, restrooms and more.


Garages, shops, basements, restrooms, hallways, kitchens, lounge areas, storage rooms, kennels, porches, patios, sidewalks.

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Are you a Clymer local ready for new, durable flooring in your garage or basement?
Getting a new concrete floor coating is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Call and schedule a free consultation. No hassles, no pushy salespeople, just honest feedback on your current floor from one of our experienced technicians.
  2. Learn about your options. Our team will explain what, why, and how your floor is a fit (or not) for a new top-coat.
  3. Enjoy! Our team does the rest, with prompt scheduling and quick dry-times on all of our concrete coatings. You’ll be working/playing/living on your new floor in no time.

If you’re looking for a quality concrete coating in Clymer, look no further than the team of experts at Top Coat Concrete. We have years of experience in concrete coatings, floor paint, and durable floor finishes that will last. We’ll help you choose the right product and install it perfectly.

We love working in Clymer for the same reasons you do! From the beauty of Yellow Creek State Park to the growing downtown scene, we love traveling to and through Clymer’s wonderful local shops and restaurants.

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